Problems IYPT Australia December 2019


The IYPT 2020 will take place in Romania. Seven problems selected from the seventeen problems of IYPT2020 (see will be used for the IYPT Australia Challenge..


The IYPT Australia December 2019 Problems:

1. Inconspicuous Bottle (IYPT 2)

Put a lit candle behind a bottle. If you blow on the bottle from the opposite side, the candle may go out, as if the bottle was not there at all. Explain the phenomenon.


2. Saxon Bowl (IYPT 6)

A bowl with a hole in its base will sink when placed in water. The Saxons used this device for timing purposes. Investigate the parameters that determine the time of sinking.


3. Soap Membrane Filter (IYPT 8)

A heavy particle may fall through a horizontal soap film without rupturing it. However, a light particle may not penetrate the film and may remain on its surface. Investigate the properties of such a membrane filter.


4. Conducting Lines (IYPT 10)

A line drawn with a pencil on paper can be electrically conducting. Investigate the characteristics of the conducting line.


5. Falling Tower (IYPT 14)

Identical discs are stacked one on top of another to form a freestanding tower. The bottom disc can be removed by applying a sudden horizontal force such that the rest of the tower will drop down onto the surface and the tower remains standing. Investigate the phenomenon and determine the conditions that allow the tower to remain standing.


6. Nitinol Engine (IYPT 16)

Place a nitinol wire loop around two pulleys with their axes located at some distance from each other. If one of the pulleys is immersed into hot water, the wire tends to straighten, causing a rotation of the pulleys. Investigate the properties of such an engine.


7. Playing Card (IYPT 17)

A standard playing card can travel a very long distance provided that spin is imparted as it is thrown. Investigate the parameters that affect the distance and the trajectory.


Released  September 2019


These are sourced from the 17 problems of IYPT2020  


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