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IYPT Australia Challenge Rules and Regulations - Revised 2017


Outline points:

The winning team at IYPT Australia earns the right for the three team members and one team leader to join the Australian Team, provided each member has reported and opposed a problem. A further 2 students will be selected to join them.


ENTRY: Any School in Australia is eligible to enter a single team of three students up to the entry deadline of October 31st in the year of the competition. An entry fee per team will apply to cover costs of catering and resources. The fee is paid directly to the host school - Brisbane Girls Grammar School. A team should be accompanied by two team leaders if they want to have a leader watch the team. One team leader will be required to sit on a jury while the second may watch their own team,


The IYPT Australia Challenge will be based on seven of the seventeen problems set for the International Young Physicists’ Tournament of the current year. If any international team attends IYPT Australia they must not be entered in IYPT for the same year.


The competition will normally be held over two days . See Schedule!


Four physics fights


In normal circumstances, a selective fight will consist of two teams who will report one problem and oppose one problem. There is no reviewer role. Teams Report their three problems in the order decided by the draw and will Oppose 3 of the 7 problems. 
A jury of respected physicists, teachers and previous members of the Australian IYPT Team will form a jury of between three and six persons.


Each Team reports and opposes three problems. Each team member reports and opposes at least once.



Each team is scored using a ten point system by each juror. Their average score for each Team are then scaled. Scaling factors are shown below:


                                    Role              Scaling Factor

                                 Reporter                     x3            

                                 Opponent                    x2


Therefore, with scaling, the Reporter can score a maximum of 30 points and the Opponent a maximum of 20 points. The maximum total for each team in a Physics Fight is 50 points.

After the four rounds, all teams have a score out of 200. All points from each round being simply summed.

Each Individual will have a score out of 100.




The order and timing of performance in a Physics Fight: (pending new regulations being finalised)



Teams & Jurors are introduced                                                                                                                  1 min


Preparation of the Reporter                                                                                                                        3 min


Presentation of the report                                                                                                                         12 min


The Opponent questions the Reporter and receives the answers of the Reporter                      2 min


Preparation of the Opponent                                                                                                                      3 min


The Opponent takes the floor                                                                                                                     5 min


(any unused time is added to the Discussion) and


Discussion between the Reporter and the Opponent                                                                         10 min (+ time from previous)

Opponent summarises the discussion                                                                                                     1 min


Concluding remarks of the Reporter                                                                                                        2 min


Questions by the Jury and Grading                                                                                                           4 min


Total Time                                                                                                                                                      42 min



Short break of 10 min then Second Stage




The Australian Team will be announced within one week from the Final.


Roles and Responsibilities of IYPT Australia Organising Committee  members  

Brisbane Girls Grammar School has been recognised  by IYPT as the IMO for Australia and has the responsibility to organise a qualifying competition to select the Australian Team. The representative Iof the IMO is known here as the Organiser.

The Organiser is a member of the IMO and is responsible for the year to year organisation of the IYPT Australia Challenge. He/She invites teams, team leaders and jurors to the competition and promotes the competition in Australia.


The Organiser will liaise with representatives from other interested schools to make the event as open to as many schools as possible. If numbers of entrants are too large he/she will help arrange preliminary qualification tournaments as appropriate.


The Organiser will seek to raise the profile of the tournament in Australia and increase the numbers of schools entering teams into the competition. 

The Organiser will host the IYPT Australia Challenge or invite another school to host.


The Local Organiser is responsible for the day to day organisation of the IYPT Australia Challenge within the host school. He/She organises fight rooming, resourcing and assists with recruiting local jurors.


The Organiser will seek to raise the profile of the tournament in the local area and invite local teachers to observe the competition.


The Australian IOC Member is appointed by the IMO and wll act in this role for a five year term. Alan Allinson currently holds this role.





Regulations   - 2023 update coming

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