The IYPT Australia Challenge 2019

The official qualifying tournament for IYPT, the IYPT Australia Challenge, was held on Monday December 9 and Tuesday December 10 2019. This national qualifying tournament was hosted at Brisbane Girls Grammar School.
Contact:                     Mr. Alan Allinson, Head of Physics,            
                       ,  07 3332 1361


Contact Mr Alan Allinson to register for the next IYPT Australia Challenge in December 2020 by October 31.

The following Australian Team will compete at the 33rd International Young Physicists' Tournament in Romania in July 2020:
Dylan Gonzalez      JMSS
Zachary Bushby     JMSS
Isaac Wu              JMSS
Anna Watts           SCBC
Conan John          SCBC

IYPT Australia Challenge 2020 Results:

1. John Monash Science School A, Victoria         107.7 GOLD
2. South Coast Baptist College, Western Australia      98.0  SILVER
3. John Monash Science School B,                           95.0  BRONZE
4. Brisbane Girls Grammar School A, Queensland      92.0
5. Brisbane Girls Grammar School B, Queensland      83.3
6. All Saints Anglican School, Queensland                79.0                    
Congratulations to John Monash Science School, Australian Champions again!

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Alan Allinson

Honorary President IYPT

President IYPT 2008 to 2015




Students seek to find theories to explain complex phenomena displayed in each problem.




Students conduct experiments to test their theories.




Students anaysis there findings and integrate their theory and experiments.




At IYPT the Reporter has twelve minutes to present his/her solution in a "Physics Fight".




The Opponent presents a Critique of the material presented.




The Reporter and the Opponent have an open scientific discussion.




A jury of physicists and teachers score the performances of the students in their various roles and how well they communicated their understanding of physics

What is IYPT?



The International Young Physicists Tournament was a tournament created in the USSR to foster scientific research and improved international communication in Physics. It is an annual team competition for high school physics students. Australia first entered IYPT in 1998.


The purpose of IYPT is to develop scientific thinking, research skills, communication skills and teamwork. It is a unique tournament for high school students of physics.


One purpose of IYPT Australia is to bring the benefits of the IYPT experience to Australian physics students. Australian involvement began in 1998 with a single school, Brisbane Girls Grammar School, representing Australia. This has expanded to be open to all schools in Australia.


Another purpose of IYPT Australia is to stimulate interest in engineering and science careers. The nature of the tournament promotes scientific research and problem solving stretching the participants to work on very complex problems. Successful students will hopefully see future studies in science and engineering as an attractive option. 


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Take the challenge in 2020.
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Entry open to any school in Australia.

The selected 2020 Australian Team could contain You!


Foreign schools may enter providing students are not representing their country at IYPT in the same year.

Video: A universe of physics

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There are many options close to Brisbane Girls Grammar School and a short walk to the city:

The Motel on Gregory is immediately opposite the School ...

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Many others nearby!

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